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Let Moore Reflections Help You Tell the Stories of Your Life

Memories do “light the corners of our minds”, just as Barbra Streisand’s famous song says.  And yes, that’s partly because they remind us of “the way we were.”  Most of us enjoy looking down Memory Lane at least occasionally, to remind ourselves and to share with others little snippets of our lives across time and space. Memories form the scaffolding that helps us tell the stories of our lives. People over the ages have captured and preserved memories to pass along their legacies and to connect generations.

We capture memories in so many different ways.  Photos, videos, letters, even trinkets and scrapbook items; “stuff” we keep and collect that help us re-connect to both the treasured and ordinary experiences we’ve had, the people we’ve known, the “us” we used to be.  Many count on the memorabilia to help us tell the history of our family, our businesses, our communities and our travels.  So it’s important that, once captured, our memories are carefully preserved to last over time, and organized in such a way that we can easily and quickly find the exact photo or video that helps us tell our story.

Moore Reflections owner, Deronda Moore, has a passion for helping people capture, organize and preserve their precious memories in the best possible ways. She developed Moore Reflections as a way to assist you in honoring and preserving your legacy and celebrating your life.

You can feel confident using Moore Reflections services.  Deronda Moore is certified by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers as a Professional Photo Organizer (currently the only person so certified in Oklahoma). In addition, she has a strong career background in Information Technology, with corporate experience in Help Desk support, IT training, curriculum design, and Internet Security.

Moore Reflections will help you:

Organizing Photos

Organize Your Collection

ORGANIZE the photos and videos you have collected over time in all those little boxes, in the family trunks, in the special places you put them so you’d never lose them.  Deronda will sort, catalog, label and file actual physical and digital photos for you.
Imagine being able to find that exact photo you’re looking for! Right away. Just where you expected to find it!
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Preserve Your Collection

PRESERVE your photos for all time.  Deronda will scan your photos, create files and folders, and carefully save your photos digitally according to your wishes.

How exciting to know if a disaster happened, your treasured photos are safe, digitally preserved in the Cloud, or on a backup device! How many times have you seen news footage of floods or fires, and victims interviewed are grieving the loss of their family’s photo history? You can let Moore Reflections save you that potential pain.
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Wedding Certification Restoration

Restore a Special Photo

RESTORE those special photos that mean so much, but which have deteriorated over time, gotten scratched up, become stuck to each other.  Deronda especially enjoys this task.  She loves to be able to provide people with the comfort and joy of seeing their prized photos come back to life, full of energy and vitality once again in a digital or hard-copy format.

Deronda gets teary-eyed just remembering one project where she was able to digitally restore an old historical marriage certificate and photo, print and reframe it, and deliver it to a thrilled client, who hung it in her home where she can see it daily and be reminded of her family history.
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Sharing Photo slideshow albumShare your Memories

With Moore Reflections, we help you to preserve your memories. We turn photos, videos and other items into unique, beautifully crafted video slide shows and photo albums, capturing the sights, sounds, moods and emotions for any occasion. We can also consult on ways to share your photos, videos and stories with family members over the InternetLearn more..

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