About Deronda Moore

While Deronda loved her career as a Business/Security Analyst. After a 20-year history in corporate Information Technology, it was time for a change.  Combining her technical skills with a love of creativity, genealogy and sharing memories about family photos; Deronda formed Moore Reflections in January of 2015. 

Prior to January of 2015, she discovered APPO (an association for professional photo organizers). While hesitant to join such a group; she found a whole other world that has helped lead her down a path where she is today; Preserving Memories.

Deronda loves to work with the unique needs of each person, family and business. She is excited to help you preserve or restore photos or artwork, transfer VHS tapes to digital DVDs, create custom videos or photo books, share photos online with others, or give personal training on how to store photos across multiple devices.  Services for each client are customized to provide the exact solution needed to delight your heart and assure you the security of knowing your memories are well preserved for yourself and for posterity.

What is a APPO?

APPO certified personal photo organizer

The Association of Professional Photo Organizers (APPO™) is a professional membership organization that provides Photo Organizers with training, support, and tools to help their communities manage their photos and preserve their lost stories.

What is a Professional Photo Organizer?

The Photo Organizers is a community of independent business owners who offer a wide-range of photo creation, organization, and management services. These Personal Photo Organizers’ services range from simply helping clients with a system to sort and organize their photos to taking on large projects that involve a life’s worth of photos. How much they are involved is completely up to the client. These Personal Photo Organizers can provide clients with systems and solutions for them to do it themselves, or they can work alongside their clients during the task, or they can completely take over and do it all for their clients.