2018 Products and Services: My Holiday Prices

We’re officially into the 2018 Holiday Season!  I hope Thanksgiving was enjoyable for you no matter how you spent it.  Ours  was a little quieter than normal, but enjoyable just the same.  After surviving Thanksgiving and Shop Small Owasso, I’ve decided to put a price list together of some of my more common requests.  What I can offer is certainly not limited to what is on the list.

So, let’s get those photos organized, backed up, videos off those tapes you can no longer view.  Let’s look at those ripped or yellow photos and get them where they should be.  Or, let’s do something totally creative and create a pencil drawing from one or more of your photographs!

Not sure what to give your person for the holidays?  Or, maybe time is running out?  No problem!!  I can print a special gift card just in time for you to give for whatever the occasion.  Click here to view my December 2018 pricing.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

Preparing photos for a Memorial Video

At some time in our lives, chances are we will be involved with the planning of a funeral or memorial service.   When a loved one passes, we tend to look back at the photos and think of our memories of that person and want to honor them in a special way.  Creating a Memorial slideshow or Celebration of Life Video is one way to help deal with the loss and share the memories of the loved one with others.

Saving & Printing Photos from Social Media (Facebook)

Do you have a Facebook account?  Do you sometimes see a photo from a friend or family member and wish you had a copy of it for yourself?  Continue reading to learn about a few of the issues with saving,  printing and sharing photos from Facebook.

I’ll use a sample photo throughout the article to help explain the different issues.

World Backup Day 2018

World Backup DayDo you backup your computers?  Did you know that there is a day dedicated to remind folks to backup their data?  For 2018, that day is Saturday, March 31st.

As we become more dependent on technology, it’s important to archive and backup our digital photos, documents, videos and other data.  If your computer suddenly stopped working, or you lost your phone with all your photos, would you be able to replace those photos or information?  

A Wonderful/Meaningful Christmas Gift

I know I’ve said this before, but I truly mean it.  I love my job!  I love what I can do for people!  Having said that, sometimes I am faced with new, unique challenges; that are both exciting, nerve-wracking, yet rewarding.

This is one example.  In November I was contacted by someone new who needed help with some restoration work.  We agreed on a time and a place to meet.  When I met with the new client and her mother we chatted for a bit and looked at the item they needed help with.

A Funny Story about My Wedding

Our Wedding

Today marks our 24th wedding anniversary!    Being that it’s our anniversary, I thought I would share a little something personal about our wedding.   I don’t want to just help people preserve photos, but their memories that those photos support and hope this inspires you.

Father’s Day Legacy: Preserving His Legacy

Father’s Day Legacy

This father’s day seems especially difficult.  I lost my father a little over a year-and-a-half ago and while we didn’t see eye-to-eye all the time I loved him and miss him dearly.  But what is more difficult this year is that we just learned that a father of one of my son’s teammates suddenly passed away in his early 40’s.  He left behind a teenage son heading off to college and a daughter.  I honestly can’t image losing a parent so young in life and my heart goes out to these two kids.

So, I have been thinking about Father’s Day even more and what it means for me.  If your father is still alive cherish him and learn more about his legacy.  If he is no longer with you, you can still learn about his life and pass on his legacy to your children or others.

Preserving Photos After a Disaster

Source: Rogers County Emergency Management

I can only imagine what families must be going through emotionally and financially when having to deal with the after math of a disaster.  Oklahoma was hit hard by flooding in late 2015, and again in May of 2017 communities are dealing with the devastation of tornadoes.  One of the casualties of a disaster may be photos or memorabilia.   While I hope this never happens to you,  there are steps that you can take if you do encounter wet or damaged photos. 

Introducing Mylio: Memory-management software

Mylio Certified PartnerI want to introduce you to Mylio.  This is an awesome photo organization & management tool that puts all your digital images at your fingertips — from your mobile to your desktop devices, at anytime.   Even when you’re not connected to the internet.  In other words,  Mylio organizes, protects and enables access to all your photos and videos across all your mobile and desktop devices with or without the cloud.  You can even share your favorite photos with others!

Have you felt yourself wondering where some of your photos have gone to?  Not sure how to get your photos of your smartphone?  Traveling with no Internet access?

How one client reflects on her trip to Africa

Have you traveled to Africa? Or, have some special photos from a trip you’d love to wake up to each morning?

One of my dear friends from my Williams days went to Africa a few years ago with her husband.  She told me stories of how she was able to capture photos on their safari.  She says she just got lucky with the shots, as they are in their natural habitat.  And their guide had certain rules they had to abide by.  But I think it was more than just luck.  When you look at the photos she took, they are absolutely amazing!