December 2020 Giveaway

How about another Giveaway?

Today’s giveaway is from iMazing. I love this app!!! It’s so much easier to manage my photos, messages and just about everything else on my iPhone.

Here is what’s included:

License is Device Lifetime (3 devices). This means the winner can use iMazing with 3 iPhones or iPads, all iMazing updates included, on any Mac or PC.

Here’s the rules to win:

You must like my Facebook page and the original post; not any shared posts. Optional: Add a comment, or tag someone you think would benefit, or share!

Want to purchase now? Here is my affiliate link. Even without being an affiliate I would still promote this tool. It’s that awesome and easier to use than iTunes!

Preserving Your Digital Legacy

Digital Legacy

Do you have a plan of what will happen to your digital assets after you die? Traditionally, an individual’s estate plan (no matter how large or small) includes our wishes, and lists our physical items such as financial accounts and property. As a majority of individuals are now fully immersed into the digital age we need to consider what will happen to these digital assets and online accounts. Even if an individual is single or married with multiple grandchildren I’ll give some pointers on what you can do to preserve your digital legacy.

“Scanning” Old Photos with your Smartphone

Do you have a situation where you want a copy of an old family photo, but a certain relative doesn’t want it to leave their possession, and you don’t have a scanner? If you have a smartphone, put it to work. The techniques offered below will even work with cameras.

While I may use the term “scanning”, you won’t actually be scanning because you need a scanner for that. However, when you’re looking for an app for an iPhone or Android to capture those photos, some will include the term scan, even if it’s for documents.

Why Save Originals?

Have you kept your original slides, negatives, movie tapes, and/or reels? Saving those original items have a greater benefit than you think.

If you’re on the momentum to downsize or have watched “Tidying Up” on Netflix, then you might be inclined to toss it all away. However, I would caution you not to do so. Here are a few reasons for saving the originals.

NOTE: As I’m writing this article, I realize this is from the perspective in the “ideal” world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the original photo, slide, negative or movie. Even so, the same concept would apply. My belief is that no matter the quality, if that’s the only copy you have, or can lay your hands on, then that is better than not having it at all. And we do our best with what we have.

2018 Products and Services: My Holiday Prices

We’re officially into the 2018 Holiday Season!  I hope Thanksgiving was enjoyable for you no matter how you spent it.  Ours  was a little quieter than normal, but enjoyable just the same.  After surviving Thanksgiving and Shop Small Owasso, I’ve decided to put a price list together of some of my more common requests.  What I can offer is certainly not limited to what is on the list.

So, let’s get those photos organized, backed up, videos off those tapes you can no longer view.  Let’s look at those ripped or yellow photos and get them where they should be.  Or, let’s do something totally creative and create a pencil drawing from one or more of your photographs!

Not sure what to give your person for the holidays?  Or, maybe time is running out?  No problem!!  I can print a special gift card just in time for you to give for whatever the occasion.  Click here to view my December 2018 pricing.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!