How do you want to reflect on your Summer Memories?

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Have you taken a big trip this summer?  Or, some other special event happened this summer?  Did you take photos, or collect any memorabilia?

Why did you take photos in the first place?  For most it’s to capture the moment, and preserve those memories.  Why bother taking the pictures if you do not put them into something where you can enjoy them?  Well, here’s a few suggestions for keeping up with those photos so you’re not wondering where they are in a year or so down the road.

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day fishing

In honor of Father’s Day, how about remembering a lesson your dad taught you?

There were lots of lessons my dad tried to teach me. One of those lessons was how to take a hook out of a fish. That didn’t go well as a kid. But when I had my own child, I had to call up my dad because I was so happy when I had to take the hook out.  And put those nasty worms on the hook as well.
So, for this Father’s Day, what were some of the lessons your dad tried to instill in you?  Be sure to cherish those memories, ask questions and pass them on because you never know when the dad in your life won’t be there anymore.
I love you Daddy!  I can only imagine you must be fishing with your dad today.
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Facebook and How Apps Others Use Affect You

I was doing further research this morning about Facebook deleting secret photos.  The keyword here is secret, and believe this is if you have turned on syncing with your mobile device.

facebook apps privacyAnyway, what really caught my eye was something I had not seen before.  You know all those fun games that people play on Facebook?  Telling them who would have their back in a certain situation?  Well I haven’t played those in a while because I was aware of those apps accessing my privacy.  But did you know you can further control what others can access about you when they use that “fun” game?  I state “fun” loosely here.

Family Recipe Photo Book

Homemade ice cream
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Do you find yourself or other family members asking for Grandma’s wacky cake recipe?  How about creating a Family Recipe Photo Book?  Not only sharing recipes, but adding photos and stories with those family favorites.

Restoring Wet/Damaged Photos after a Disaster

portrait of home after Oklahoma disaster
Source: NewsOn6 01/05/2016

Over the 2015 holidays Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas received massive amounts of rainfall causing flooding, in addition to snow and ice.  Many of the areas were also affected by tornadoes and earthquakes.  While I hope this devastation never happens to you or a loved one, here is some information from the National Disaster Photo Rescue organization that may help you.

Organizing Photos for the New Year

image reflecting digital organizationLike thousands of others, you’ve probably taken hundreds of photos over the last year and many more over the holidays.  But, are you organizing photos so you can find them easily in the future?    Here is some information on how I organize my digital photos to help you get started.